The board has gratefully received a generous donation from the Women’s Bowling Section towards the purchase of the courtesy bus. This donation will enable the Club to move forward on other needed projects.

The courtesy bus is now operational from 5.0pm for pickups phone the driver on 0497 200 237.

The boards congratulate Jenny and Corey in the kitchen. A recent health inspection of the kitchen by council gave it a Five Star rating.

Investigations are being undertaken into the feasibility of opening the southern balcony to smoking.

The clubs auditors Forsyths have commenced the yearly audit which should be completed on 24/9/18. The AGM will be held on the 28/10/18.

Taxi vouchers will no longer be available on days when the courtesy bus is operating.

The board are pleased to announce that Nathan Hughes has been appointed as the club manager on a permanent basis.

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